Did you like the video? Click "Like" and help disseminate. Two rival race teams, the Teku and the Metal. Hot Wheels AcceleRacers is an animated series of 4 videos by Mattel that continue the story from. AcceleRacers ist eine computeranimierte Zeichentrickserie, die von der kanadischen Firma Mainframe Entertainment im Auftrag von Mattel produziert in   ‎ Handlung · ‎ Teams. Tezla Managed to create a hologram of the actual Wheel Of Power which acts like the real one. Unable to hear Lani's words through a broken radio, Taro decides to stand down, and "Karma" takes to opportunity to create an energy acceleracers which costs Taro another victory. Now that acceleracers Racing Realms are open, the Racing Deal or no deal 500 000 are free to enter and win AcceleChargers. Accelcharger sind kartenähnliche Objekte die man am Ende jedes Renngebiets, den Racing Realms, gewinnen kann. Wiki Activity Random page Community Videos Images. Wenn du sie entfernst, dann wird die Seite ohne Probleme geladen. The racers stage their plan at the Cosmic Realm, taking over a sweeper, and using it to enter the Drones' headquarters. Sie zählen, obwohl sie das Team Teku hassen, eigentlich zu den Guten in der Serie. Much to sadness and astonishment of the other drivers, the realm closes, with Wylde seemingly still inside. When Kadeem adamantly refuses to tell her the location of the new Acceledrome, she proceeds to transform Kadeem into a drone. Racing Drones ist das Team der "Königsdrohne" Gelorum. Sie übernahmen dafür die Kontrolle über einen Bahnräumer, damit sie nach dem Rennen im Portal der Drohen und nicht in ihrem eigenen herauskommen, Es gelingt ihnen, den Fahrer zu finden und zu befreien. I was really pissed off last night self. I'm looking to finish my Acceleracers car collection ,where is the best place to buy them from? The speed that the two drivers pass through the realms become astonishing as even Lani has difficulty communicating the specific skills that the current realm should test. The Racing Drones excel in manufacturing, building drivers and vehicles in mass quantities and to the required specifications. Is Reverb based on this car? Im Schrottgebiet, eine Strecke durch einen riesigen Schrottplatz, verunfallt ein Fahrer der Metal Perfecktgirls. Hey Andi, könntest du bitte den 4 teil acceleracers auf youtube hochladen, wir alle vermissen den 4. This is another test for the drivers built by the Accelerons. Views Read Edit View history. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Available on DVD and VHS, it acceleracers also been shown on Acceleracers Network's Toonami. They constitute one continuous story. Tezla, and he reveals that he and Gelorum have begun travelling through the realms once more. SpecTyte Rollin' Thunder Spine Buster '70 Plymouth Road Runner Deora II Sling Shot Rat-ified. In the race, Taro nearly makes it to the exit, but Karma quickly swerves, and he is knocked out of the track. Die Teams, deren Fahrer zum Teil aus Teilnehmern am Highway 35 bestehen, akzeptieren das Angebot und treffen sich mit einem weiteren Fahrer Tezlas in dessen alten Stützpunkt. The final film ends in one of the Silencerz revealing himself to be none other than Vert's father, and the series ends in a cliffhanger, with Vert's father telling Vert, "Son, we need to talk".

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Feel free to post anything related to the Hot Wheels series AcceleRacers and Highway 35 World Race! Maybe I'm just dumb but I never really noticed before i. While they provide drivers a certain edge when driving in the Realms, the Accelerons do not accept drivers who complete the Realms with their use; instead, they accept those who have overcome the challenges with their own unsupplemented abilities. Um dies zu verhindern rekrutiert Dr. Hot Wheels City ist in Gefahr. Nach Aufrüstung ihrer Fahrzeuge und Analyse des Fahrverhaltens der Drohnen gelingt es den Fahrern, den Drohnen ebenbürtig zu sein und sie sogar in mehreren Gebieten zu schlagen.

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